A custom built-in cupboard for the attic made of pine planks, by Lisette

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2 minutes

Lisette has cleverly created extra storage space in the attic with and for her son. They used custom sawn pine carpentry panels. A standard cupboard was not a solution here due to uneven floors and crooked walls. A fun and clever DIY project with a beautiful result. 

Description of Lisette

We have made a built-in cupboard in our new attic in a place where a standard cupboard would not be possible due to the special dimensions and the uneven floor.

h3>How I made this project

Custom cabinet! Together with our 10-year-old son, we made a kind of built-in cupboard. He has been given a room on our new attic floor. Because there needed to be a cove for pipes and drains on this side of the short wall, we had a unique corner to fill. And so we started to come up with a cupboard ourselves. Using a few wall rails and shelf supports, we hung the four pine shelves from https://www.tosize.es/en-es/. These shelves not only hold clothes, but also stacks of puzzles and toys. We will close the whole thing with beautiful white curtains on the ceiling, so that the cove together with the cupboard is hidden behind the curtain.

Dimensions of my DIY project

134.0 x 220 .0 cm

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How next?

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