A homemade bench in the Artifort style

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2 minutes


Based on the Artifort Sofa 671 from Koh Liang Ie (I came across one on Marktplaats, but unfortunately it was sold immediately. I therefore thought it would be a nice challenge to try it myself). !) made a bench. For this I used the following wood from opmaatzagen.nl:

For the seat and the backrest:

Chipboard Natural 18 mm


155.0 x 56.8 cm and 155.0 x 60.0 cm

Both with an angle of 37.5 degrees to create the right corner

To support these two plates I used two beams:

Spruce planed round corner 44x70 mm

Shape: Beam/batten shortened from 155.0 cm

For the legs I used:

Carpentry panel Spruce 40 mm, 100.0 x 58.0 cm two legs milled with a computer-controlled CNC mill.

How did you make the bench?

I made the bench in the following steps:

Step 1. I found the place on the chipboard where I wanted to place the beams and made holes for 10mm impact nuts. They twist into the wood, so I can attach the beams from the outside without having to reach the other side of the wood. After all, dust gets over it.

Step 2. I then cut and attached my polyether foam to size on the chipboards. I attached a furniture-friendly fabric over this with a needle, thread, and a tacker with sturdy staples.

Step 3. I made the legs, as described earlier, with a CNC mill ' sawn'. Could also have done with a different type of saw, but this way I knew that the points of my bench that would touch the floor would be equal, which ensures a stable bench. And it's fun to do!

Step 4. Because I made some mistakes with the alignment of the CNC mill, one of the two legs had some... accidents. I more or less repaired this with scraps of wood, wood glue and a sander.

Step 5. I then provided the legs and beams with a white lacquer on the sides and a slightly darker stain for the rest.

Step 6. After I made the cushions, the bench could be put together. Voila!

What are the dimensions?

The bench is 155.0 cm wide, approximately 78.0 cm high and 80.0 cm deep.

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How next?

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