A sturdy and robust new bed made of birch plywood, by Menno

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After sleeping on my poor quality bed for far too long, I decided to build a new bed, strong and indestructible. Probably a future archaeologist will be convinced that this was an altar. The old bed was MDF and particle board, the new one is 23mm birch plywood (and therefore ridiculously heavy).

Work description: how did you realize your project

I have to brood and sketch for a while before making a final decision on how to execute a project. After this phase a drawing was made with all details and sizes. Ordered everything, went on holiday and received a large pile of planks after returning. Then started milling the rounded corners, an excellent way to test the relationship with the neighbours. Glued everything together using Lamello's (made some minor adjustments during the build on points that I had "overdesigned") and finished with two coats of dark wax oil.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

B196,0 × L236,0 × H100,0 cm

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