A wall shelf made of MDF, made by Ingmar

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The wall shelf from Ingmar

Ingmar from HappyDrawing4you has this beautiful wall shelf from made for a beach tent in Zandvoort. She did the painting herself! Curious about the result? Then read this blog!

How Ingmar created this project

Ingmar from HappyDrawing4you this wall shelf made of . She had us cut the plank to size and painted it herself with this tropical scene. She made this plank for the beach club Plage Dix in Zandvoort, so if you want to admire it you know where to find it!

p>Do you also want such a beautiful wall shelf or another drawing, for example for invitations, a wall painting or nameplates? Then take a look at her webshop.

Check Ingmar's work on her website!

Working with MDF Black

Ingmar has the wall shelf from created. MDF is a material made from small wood fibers that are pressed under high pressure into a plate. With MDF Black, a black dye is added during the production process, so that the material is colored black right down to the core. You can still see the wood fibers here and there, which gives the material a mixed appearance.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Ingmar's saw list and complete your order easily.

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