Authentic custom cabinet for grandson, by Gerard

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2 minutes

Grandpa Gerard made a beautiful, authentic custom cabinet for his grandson, using custom-sawn pine carpentry panels and, above all, the necessary professional knowledge. Every detail has been taken into account. Read more about his approach below.

Description of Gerard

This cabinet is for my grandson to store his model making stuff. This will be placed next to his existing desk, which has a brushed structure.

How I made this project

Measured the existing desk and made a working drawing of the new cabinet. I chose a pine carpentry panel because the knots are more firmly in the wood than in spruce wood and because the entire piece has to be brushed I cannot use knocked-out knots. The top consists of one piece of panel measuring 64.0 x 59.0 cm and the 2 side panels are each made up of 5 parts of 14.0 cm wide that are glued by means of a groove and tongue. The 4 legs consist of 2 parts of 28 and 18 mm thickness that are glued in an L shape. The legs have a groove in which the side panels are glued. The drawers are made of 15mm MDF in which a rebate has been milled for the 4mm thick MDF bottom, on which the 3 drawer fronts are mounted with the associated handmade handles that fit the existing desk. The door is made from one pine panel of 28 cm wide in which a V-groove has been milled so that it appears the same as the finish of the other cabinet parts. Before the whole thing was assembled, all parts were brushed with a drill and a copper wire brush so that the whole thing looked the same as the existing desk. 3 toilets are mounted in the top for a lamp, laptop and other necessities. In the top drawer I have made a division in which a number of paint pots, glue pots and brushes can be stored.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The dimensions of the cabinet are: Height &# 61; 74.0 cm
Width = 64.0 cm
Depth = 59.0 cm

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How next?

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