Bohemian style wardrobe wall cupboard made of poplar plywood, by Sanne

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2 minutes


A wardrobe wall cupboard made of poplar plywood (18mm) with handmade solid oak handles. The interior of the doors is rattan webbing.

The stain used is the color "pure pine".

The drawers are made of underlayment with a poplar plywood base and poplar front, so that the front view matches the rest of the cupboard.

Work description: how did you realize your project

In our first owner-occupied home, space is limited, so we wanted to use as much space as possible for a wardrobe in the bedroom. That is why we chose to make a high cupboard that runs above the door, because what else do you do with the space above a doorway?

Because our entire house from 1965 has a lot of wood in it. natural colors, we wanted the cabinet to match them well. That is why we opted for a light plywood, because we could then paint the same color as the window frames and window sills. Most of the time was spent sanding all the panels, varnishing them, sanding them again and varnishing them again. In such a small house, every room is soon full of drying plates.

The assembly could then begin. That was a challenge, because not a single wall in this house is straight. It was therefore necessary to make a decision each time between working level/at right angles or following the wall/floor. That's why I first started by setting up the cupboard itself. I only had the narrower strips of sheet material for the doors cut later, when the cupboard was already standing. This way I knew for sure what the dimensions should be, because reality sometimes deviates from your original drawings.

A rebate has been milled in the doors on the inside, into which the rattan mats are stapled. . If you think you can save costs by using rattan instead of wood: that's not true! Rattan costs about €23 per meter and I needed 10 meters. But, the result is impressive.

Finally, I made 2 underwear drawers and installed handmade oak handles.

We are very happy with the cupboard. It is a real atmosphere maker in the bedroom.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

The cupboard is 250.0 cm high, 278.0 cm wide and 50.0 cm deep in totality. The low cupboard section up to the door is 176.0 cm wide.

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