Creation of a shoe cupboard under the stairs, by Pascal

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2 minutes

Pascal made a practical storage cupboard under his stairs for all his shoes. By choosing a rectangle with a beveled edge, he was able to easily create his cabinet. Thus, Pascal (and his family) has additional storage space where normally nothing could be put. For this project under the stairs, Pascal chose for Plywood Interior Poplar. A strong and popular wood that is suitable for many applications.

Description of Pascal

I made a custom shoe cupboard under my stairs. First a chassis was made. Then two boxes were made. They are each held in the chassis by four 70.0 cm push-pull sliding slides. Then three custom-made facades painted white complete the whole.

How I carried out this project

I carried out the project myself, taking inspiration things done by other people on the internet. The chassis is made of 46 mmx20 mm section pine battens assembled by pins. The facades were cut from 18 mm thick oak boards. You have to be very precise in making the chassis so that the sliding slides work correctly as well as for push-pull operation. The boxes were made with boards cut to measure by

Dimensions of my DIY project

Width: 97.0 cm, Height: 144 .0 cm and Depth: 86.0 c,

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How next?

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