Custom studio furniture made of poplar plywood

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TOSIZE Furniture
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Instead of an overcrowded IKEA table with a separate tower next to it for all the hardware, now a large piece of furniture with all the trimmings.

How did you make your furniture? ?

I knew what I wanted to incorporate into my furniture. I would use the old steel patch cabinet as a basis. This was immediately a stable frame to process all the wood around. the dimensions for the depth and width were also determined, including some extra space to hide all cables, all made of Multiplex Interior Poplar 18 mm. Of which 2 layers on top of each other for the table top.
All the plate material was provided by Although I did have to make some adjustments myself, but that was due to my 'we'll see where we end up'. architectural style. And some unforeseen adjustments here and there. The gray is a basic paint color and somewhat boring. But that will probably change. All panels are secured to the steel frame with M6 bolts using cage nuts. So it can be completely disassembled. Great panels for a great price!

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions are:
230.0 centimeters wide
80.0 centimeters deep
/>110.0 centimeters high

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How next?

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