Custom TV Lift conversion, made of MDF and birch plywood, by Aad

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A floating TV cabinet with two doors, which fits a 43-inch smart TV that is mounted on a motorized TV lift from the Nedis brand.

TV cabinet/lift tailor-made

First of all, determine the size of the TV; 43inch. After thorough orientation, we decided to purchase a Nedis Motorized TV Lift for the installation of a TV up to a maximum of 65 inches. When designing the cabinet, the minimum cutting width that knows is taken into account. 5cm.
The dimensions in cm of the top of the cabinet made of birch plywood: 5, 20 and 6.6, with the doors extending to the top of the cabinet. This was changed at a later stage and the doors were shortened and the shelf was widened from 6.6 to 8.6, so that the doors now fit under the top.
Due to the minimum cutting width of 5 cm, the back wall in the cupboard had to be the part where the TV lift is mounted will be thickened by 18mm.
With the exception of the top, the cabinet is made of 18mm primed MDF.

The dimensions of the project

The dimensions of the cabinet are:
Width 110.0, height 77.5 and depth 34.0

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