Desk and wall shelves made of beech wood, by Laura

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Very easy

2 minutes

Laura has created a very nice corner from beech carpentry panel. The desktop and shelves are both made of Beech, which together makes it a beautiful whole. By using white minimalist support on the shelves and the desk, it remains airy despite the beech panels. 

Laura's desk and wall shelves

I redesigned my desk corner with a wooden desk top and 2 matching wall shelves, both in beech wood. I gave the desk steel hairpin legs and the shelves minimalist white shelf supports.

How I made this project

I first sanded the wooden table top and the shelves well with sandpaper to smooth the surface. nice and smooth.

Afterwards I treated it with 1 layer of hard wax oil Natural 3041 from Osmo to protect the wood against moisture and stains. This hard wax oil allows the wood to retain its natural color and remains matt. I then mounted the desktop on 4 white steel 'hairpin' mates. And lo and behold, this one was done!

Finally, I hung the wall shelves on the wall with 4 white minimalist shelf brackets. Now I have a very cozy desk corner with a Scandinavian look. I am very satisfied!

Dimensions of my DIY project


155.0 × 77.0 cm

Wall shelves :

1. 115.0 × 25.0 cm

2. 69.0 × 25.0 cm

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