DIY: bathroom furniture and colonization, by Mai

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2 minutes


Because we have a small apartment with a mini bathroom, we have to make smart use of space to maximize storage space. That is why we made a custom-made column cabinet and bathroom furniture.

Custom-made bathroom furniture

After measuring everything carefully, we ordered all custom-made pieces with the help of . The bathroom furniture is made of okoume plywood 18mm, with birch plywood fronts. The column cabinet is made entirely of birch plywood 18mm. We simply measured all the holes, pre-drilled them and screwed them together. Not much different from assembling an Ikea cabinet, except that you have to measure and pre-drill the holes yourself.

We attached the fronts to the cabinets with Softclose Concealed hinges (holes drilled with 35mm concealed hinge attachment). piece).

We also installed push to open snaps.

Then everything was sanded and finished with wood seal pro to make it water resistant.

we found it relatively easy and this was our first job ever!

The dimensions of the furniture

The bottom part of the bathroom furniture is approximately 180.0 cm wide (wall to wall) and 41.0 cm deep, 70.0 high, with 11.0 cm legs underneath

The column cupboard is approximately 160.0 cm high above that.

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