Finishing toilet built-in reservoirs made of Walnut Timmerpanel, by Sebastiaan

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Very easy

1 minuut

Create a classic rustic look just like Sebastiaan by making the top of the built-in cisterns from walnut carpentry panel. He was able to create beautiful finishes by using custom-sawn sheet material. View Sebastiaan's special finish here!

Description of Sebastiaan

We wanted to finish the top of the built-in cisterns in a special way by using beautifully stained to install wooden planks instead of tiles.

How I made this project

The tiler had beautifully tiled the toilet areas, giving each room its own look and feel. Blue mosaic fingers in the downstairs toilet, upstairs toilet with green jade handmade tiles and in the sauna room a patterned wall tile. The woodwork was then very simple thanks to the convenience of In the downstairs toilet we opted for walnut wood in 30 mm. The other rooms were fitted with oak planks. By using different colors of stain, we now have a beautiful classic or rustic look everywhere!

Dimensions of my DIY project

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How next?

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