Hall renovation with Multiplex Birch, by Hans

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2 minutes


I made a cupboard around the meter cupboard, a storage unit for the shoes, a parcel shelf, and a wardrobe rod. I used plywood planks for this.

Work description: how did you realize your project

I don't have much experience with odd jobs and normally have an office job. So it was a bit of figuring out. Probably an experienced carpenter would have handled it differently. I first made a conversion around the meter box. Since there was little space to make the cupboard, I chose to cut the cupboard doors in the cupboard. I would have preferred normal hinges, but there was no space and I didn't have a router to mill the hinges into. Then I made the storage furniture with the ordered shelves. I have used dowels as much as possible so as not to have any screw holes or slats in sight. I primed and varnished the planks. The parcel shelf rests on the golden scaffolding tube, among other things. I finished the shelf with a decorative frame.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

For the storage furniture and the parcel shelf I ordered plywood planks of 30 mm thick and further sawn to size (since my house is not completely straight). The outer layer of the storage furniture is 145.0 cm wide and 60.0 cm high.

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