Homemade desk furniture for our new office, by Arjan

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The office is equipped with fixed desk furniture, with 2 workstations and enough storage space. Very easy to assemble with the correctly cut parts. Happy with!

Make your own office furniture; it starts with a sketch.

Of course we started with an idea, after some brainstorming we came up with the final design. Then the design worked out in 3 steps:

  1. Measured
  2. Drawn to scale
  3. Elaborated into a saw list.

Then comes the question of which material? And ... how to do that? Everything stands or falls with beautifully straight sawn parts, that is really not going to work with the jigsaw. Looked on the internet and ordered at TOSIZE.co.uk. After a few days we could start, putting the whole thing together with the numbered parts provided with our own.

The result is looking good.

Custom office furniture

237,0 x 368,0 cm

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262,98 €

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