IKEA hack: update of our besta sideboard with adjacent desk for the children, by Karel

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Very easy

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A oak plank as a finish from the top of an Ikea Besta sideboard, fitting exactly between two walls. With an extra piece to create a play area for the children.

Work description: how did you realize your project

The shelf is secured to the cupboard with mounting kit and then from the inside secured with screws so that it fits more closely to the cabinet and so that it does not work.
The desk section uses 3 wall brackets. One against the side and 2 against the back wall. These are also secured to the bottom of the shelf with small screws.
The shelves are rounded 4mm on one side at the top so that the children cannot hit them too hard, and it also looks nicely finished.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

It consists of two shelves, both of which are 41.5 cm deep (the depth of the Ikea Besta cabinets + the door where the plank falls over it). The planks are together 4.08 meters wide, where the seam is exactly 180.0 cm so that it sits exactly above 2 doors.

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How next?

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