Low, creative coffee tables made to measure from plywood, by Anneke

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Anneke shows that you can make beautiful coffee tables relatively quickly and easily with your own creativity. With the online sawing service you can quickly convert an idea into results. In this case, two custom-made low coffee tables.

Description by Anneke

2 tables were made from the 4 round discs. With space between pieces there is room for the remote control and TV guide etc. Tables are on wheels.

How I made this project

I design something and let my husband (together with me :) )make . You made the discs perfect, so it was still a matter of putting the slats in between and legs underneath. Made the bottom disc white and also the legs. The rest finished with matte lacquer. It was a bit of a challenge not to let any screws come through the top of the top. But with careful measuring we succeeded. I'm happy with it!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Two round discs of 90.0 cm and two of 80.0 cm

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How next?

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