Make your own knee walls for more storage space in the baby room, by Jan

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Jan made knee walls for the baby room himself. To create extra storage space, he ordered custom-made primed MDF. A rail system has created a lot of extra storage space in a simple way.

Description of CUSTOMER NAME

For the baby's room there was a desire to make a knee-length sliding door, so that the space is optimal. can be used as storage for children's things.

How I made this project

This job was tackled as follows:
Step 1: Removed the wooden kneeboard
Step 2: The bottom + sides with beams raised and straightened
Step 3: Sliding rails attached to the top beam
Step 4: Measured how much MDF board was needed for both doors and the finishing
Step 5: Desired MDF (primed ) plates ordered online
Step 6: MDF plates mounted
Step 7: All MDF material painted in desired color
Step 8: Accompanying rails attached
Step 9: Weatherstrips mounted

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How next?

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