Making a custom cove from plywood, this is how Jan did it!

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Do-it-yourself coves

A cove for a water softener and a cove for the underfloor heating valves. Both coves are covered with a front sheet, side sheet and top sheet and attached to the wall.

How did you realize your project?

First I measured the dimensions and made a sketch of the coves. The coves are being painted, so 15 mm poplar plywood was chosen. Then entered the dimensions on the website as requested and created 2 projects for making a cove for water softener and underfloor heating valves.

Tip: the poplar sheet metal is still somewhat rough, so it does need a layer of primer for a smooth finish. In addition, the edge of plywood must be plastered due to the visible layers.

A custom cove

57.0 x 32.0 cm

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How next?

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