Modulair shelf storage space living room, by Arnold

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Very easy

2 minutes

In this project, Arnold shows how he custom-made his dream cupboard from cut birch plywood. He transformed his own design into a playful cupboard with compartments.

Description from Arnold

I built a large shelf with woodplay connectors! It is a replica of a designer shelf that would have cost at least three times the price. 18mm birch multiplex panels were used.

How I made this project

Very easy!! I built my dream shelf myself in 1 afternoon. Ordering it ready would have cost many times more, which I couldn't afford. Ordering the panels and having them delivered took less than a week!! I got the woodplay connectors from the hardware store and off we went. I ordered 44 panels with 50/40cm and 5 panels with 30/40cm for the upper row of shelves from tosize. It consists of 18mm birch multiplexx panels with white woodplay t-connectors, 90 degree connectors and cross connectors. I really like the look. It was really easy to screw together and about half as heavy as an Ikea shelf. A shelf of this size would otherwise have cost me 4000 euros. So I was able to make it for less than 1500 euros. I'm still thinking about installing fronts in white coated multiplexx, but there are no limits to your imagination, you could also include glass fronts or drawers. I needed 8x90 degree, 24xcross connectors and 28 t-connectors from the woodplay connectors.

Dimensions of my DIY project

215.0 height
250.0 cm width

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How next?

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