Notice board canvas made of soft board and MDF, by Nynke

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Very easy

2 minutes

As an interior designer, you like to include your customers in your ideas. And how fun and useful it is to work with your custom-made pin board. By ordering sawn softboard and blank MDF online, it is also an easy DIY project to carry out. 

Description of Nynke

I made a notice board from a sheet of soft board, a sheet of MDF and a piece of fabric. For my work as an interior designer, I have many loose fabric and material samples, which I want to be able to present clearly to the customer. I made a total of 3 pin boards measuring 80.0 After a week of patience the project can start. Make the MDF plate and the softboard plate dust-free with a dustpan. Take the wood glue and apply it to the MDF board. With my wood glue I had to wait 3 minutes, see for yourself how long the waiting time is with your wood glue! Now that the glue is ready for use, you can place the soft board plate on the MDF plate. Apply a lot of pressure so that the glue is evenly distributed. The most convenient thing is to use glue clamps, I don't have these so they became wallpaper books. In any case, it is important that there is something heavy on the glued plates. After allowing the plates to dry for 24 hours, you can proceed to the next step. Take the fabric, cut it to size and start stapling. At the back, on the MDF plate, staple the fabric. Start on one side, once it's done, do the other side. Make sure that you pull the fabric taut! You can fold the corners as if you were wrapping a present. And you're done! Mine is against the wall, you can of course also attach the board to the wall.

Dimensions of my DIY project

100.0 X 80.0 cm

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