Retro vinyl furniture, record player, by Zoltan

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TOSIZE Furniture
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Retro-look record furniture. 3 storage cubes of 36.0 × 36.0 cm, a leaf tray and a tray for your player, with another compartment underneath.
Okoumé plywood for the red shine after treatment.

DIY: furniture for record player

Make sure you look at all the pieces and think about which surface you want to see, mark O(nder) B(oven) and V(ear) on the sticker. Consider which surfaces need to connect.
Drill all sides with the dowel template. Then glue the dowels on this side and drill the corresponding surface.
Assemble the box :-)
Only glue the left surface after you have completed the tube! (sawing, spraying, drilling)

The tube is a 10mm round aluminum profile. From the profile wall of the hardware store.
I made the base from 20x20x2 steel, welded myself. (12.0 cm high)
-2x 140.0 cm (note! final size is: 114.5 cm)
-2x 40.0 cm
-4x 12.0 cm
-Welding supplies and skills :-)

The right rear corner has a hole of 15x15x15mm left. I welded a piece of steel for this and sprayed it in the same satin black. Fill this corner as you wish!

Retro custom cabinet

114.5 cm wide, 44.0 cm deep, 66.5 cm high

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