Retro wall cupboard made of oak carpentry panel, by Thomas

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2 minutes

Through a black wall system, Thomas was able to mount shelves on the wall of Oak Timmerpanels. By mounting several shelves on the wall, it can also store other decorations in addition to photo frames. A fun retro DIY project. Which is really handy for your living room!

Description by Thomas

We used the planks from to create a wall system with these oak planks on top. We bought the white TV cabinet at IKEA. We ordered the shelves based on that.

How I made this project

We bought the black wall system at the hardware store and screwed it to the wall. We varnished the oak planks 3 times with wood varnish that we bought from a paint specialist store. After this had dried, we attached it to the supports and the cupboard was completely ready. We bought the wall system and the shelves via the internet. The system was delivered to our home and we collected the shelves ourselves. The service was fast. We were able to indicate exactly how large the planks should be to the millimeter. This made it a perfect match for our TV cabinet. We couldn't find anything online that met our needs. By having it custom made it was exactly what we were looking for! We are also happy with the quality of the wood!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Large plank: 240.5 cm x 41.7 cm (thickness = 19 mm ) Small planks: 60.0 cm x 30.0 cm *thickness = 19mm)

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