Sleek dressing with black MDF planks, by Ben Peeters

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Very easy

2 minutes


I made a wall dressing from steel in combination with black MDF planks. Which I ordered from I chose the black MDF planks of 22mm thick. The black look fits in with the whole, and the 22mm thickness was necessary to create the bridge. I ordered 4 planks of 53.0cm by 125.7cm and 2 planks of 53.0cm by 127.2cm. These were delivered exactly as they are. I removed the edges myself so that the planks fit nicely to the wall. I am very satisfied with the result. Thank you for delivering the MDF planks.


Custom wall dressing

First I took measurements. Then I made a 3D sketch and a production drawing. Then I made the steelwork in the studio. This cost me a good day's work. I had this powder coated.
Then I mounted the steelwork against the wall. Then I measured what sizes I needed for the MDF shelves. So that they would fit together very nicely. I am very satisfied with the end result.
All in all, it took me about 2 days of work.

I don't have a website myself, but use an Instagram page to show my work. You can find me under the following name: The_steelhouse

The dimensions of the project

This is a dressing of 210.0cm high by 250.0cm wide.

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