Super sleek cupboard doors for a storage cupboard in the garage, by Hugo

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2 minutes


Cupboard doors for an interior work that I made some time ago. The interior is made of pine beams and chipboard shelves, creating a sturdy construction.

Custom cabinet doors

There were 7 uprights made of pine beams 4.5 x 7.0 cm . These uprights are evenly distributed over a width of 5.10 m, taking into account the leveling slats on either side. This was because the walls were not completely even and level. The beams are placed hooked with the 4.5 cm at the fronts. This would cause the doors to overlap 2 cm on the beams, creating a space of 0.5 cm between the doors. This made it possible to use a Blum soft-close hinge 110° overlay, door overlay up to 20 mm. Primed MDF 22 mm was chosen. Because the doors are fairly heavy (0.84 m x 2.35 m), 4 hinges were used per door and hinges for extra thick doors were chosen. Pressure latches with buffer have been used on the doors so that the doors can be opened by push to open. Ultimately, the doors were finished with a satin wood lacquer. The whole gives a sleek and calm appearance.

The external dimensions of the project

5.10 m wide 2.60 high

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