Want to make your own windowsill, just like G.J.? So squeaky clean

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Very easy

3 minutes

Are you also ready for a new windowsill? Making your own windowsill is easier than you think! Especially when you outsource the sawing to TOSIZE.es, because the dimensions for sheet materials you provide will then be sawn perfectly! That's really handy!

Description by GJ

I made my own custom window sills with a neat rounded edge.

How I made this project

Every now and then your windowsill needs to be replaced. You are then faced with a difficult choice: are you going to have an expensive windowsill installed by a specialist or are you going to roll up your sleeves yourself? G.J. chose the last option and made a sleek new windowsill from blank MDF! Do you want to make your own windowsill from MDF, just like G.J.? It's easier than you think! Read here how to do it and see G.J.'s end result!

Make your own windowsill

Make your own windowsill is easier than it seems. Especially if you have the material cut to size by TOSIZE.es All you have to do is finish and install the chosen materials! But how do you order your custom window sills from TOSIZE.es? Very simple, this is what you need to do:

  1. Accurately measure the space where the windowsill should be placed. Do this accurately to the millimeter, because you can order that accurately later.
  2. Decide whether you want the windowsill to protrude or not. Do you want the windowsill to stick out? Then also calculate how deep the windowsill should ultimately be.
  3. Determine the material the windowsill should be made of, we will come back to this in a moment.
  4. Determine theedge finishes of the sheet material, so the material is better finished and there are no longer sharp edges .
  5. Order all your parts by entering all specifications in the ordering tool

Which material should I choose?

G.J. has used MDF Blank for his windowsill. A handy choice, because MDF Blank is an easy-to-work sheet material and G.J. painted his windowsill white. You can of course choose a different sheet material for your windowsill. We often hear that people want to make a windowsill from scaffolding wood. This is of course possible, but because scaffolding planks are not always straight, the end result can be less attractive. If you want the look of scaffolding wood, it is better to go for Spruce carpentry panel. This material is made from the same type of wood, but is much flatter.

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The end result

The end result of G.J. is a sleek windowsill that fits perfectly with the walls and window frames. He chose to make recesses in the MDF, so that the window sills partly run along the wall. If you want this too, you will have to get started with the saw yourself, because we did not see this shape (yet). We do have several other shapes that we can saw. Check them all out on our shapes page and get inspired! Have you drawn everything out for your own windowsill? Then order all parts at OPMAATZAGEN.nl and start your job!

Order your panel material at size

Dimensions of my DIY project

1x 218.0 × 30.0 cm

1x 213.0 × 30.0 cm /p>

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out G.J.'s saw list and complete your order easily.

115,76 €

All materials used


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