Display for Lollipops made of Multiplex Birch, by Candy Delicious

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Multiplex displays for lollipops in our sales cart in various sizes for interchangeability. In total, more than 200 lollipops can be placed in the displays.

How do you make your own display?

We visit many markets, events and fairs. Here we often encountered the problem that our lollipops were not presented nicely and neatly to the customers. To solve this problem, a concept design was created for wooden displays. After drawing up the design, I made a list of the required parts and ordered them online at OPMAATZAGEN.nl. As usual, delivery was perfectly organized and the ordered products looked great. After assembling the displays, they were sanded and neatly lacquered. Finally, the displays were mounted in the sales cart.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

4x display of 36.0cm by 32.0cm
2x display of 24.5cm at 32.0cm

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How next?

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