Make your own ballot box; a Social Experiment, by Liza

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We have made a ballot box for a project. The voting cabinet contains three waste bins where people with waste could cast a vote. The furniture has been in a public place for a few days.

How do you make your own ballot box?

We had to transport this furniture apart to another city, so the maximum sizes have been of the trunk of the car. We then looked for waste bins and determined the dimensions of the furniture.

We wanted sturdy furniture that could be left outside (supervised) for a few days and could therefore take a beating. It was also important that it looked professional and neatly finished. That is why we chose to have the corners miter sawn by


The entire project was put together within 3 hours (with holes cut out for the trash cans).

The size

110.0 x 110.0 x 60.0 cm

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How next?

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