Wooden boxes for transport scale models, by Marcel

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To be able to safely take my remote-controlled scale models to events, I made wooden boxes from plywood, a custom-made box for each model.

Work description: how have you realized your project

Since the space in my car is not unlimited, I decided to make custom boxes from plywood. I used the outside dimensions of each model and added the thickness of the soft foam material, including some margin to properly get the model in and out of the box. I created a calculation sheet in Excel that calculates the desired outside size of each part based on the desired internal dimensions of the box and the plate thickness for the top/bottom, sides and ends. This gave me a simple way to obtain a consistent order list, with which an order with TOSIZE.es was quickly arranged. For the hinges and locks I opted for hinges, handles and closures that are also used for flight cases. This is secured with special ribbed rivets for wood. I am happy with the quality of the wood and the end result.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

The boxes are custom-made, differ per model.

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How next?

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