Bus installation made of concrete plywood, by Rob

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Protect the interior of your bus, just like Rob, against bumps and scratches by installing . This material is extremely strong and prevents damage. Ideal to use for a built-in!

Concreteplex properties

is known for being very flat. It consists of birch plywood with a plastic layer on the top and bottom, which makes the board suitable for many applications. The plate is suitable for intensive use. Betonplex does not need to be finished, so you can get started right away! Want to know more about the material? /a>

Concrete plywood variants

Do you want to use concrete plywood as a subfloor? Then a good choice. If the color is important, you can also choose Concrete plywood birch white. is a good choice for applications where waterproof properties are very important.

Dimensions of my DIY project

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