Repair exterior wall of garden house with plywood okoumé, by Lilian

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The wooden outer wall of my garden house was rotten, the most practical and sustainable solution was to "cover" with okoumé plates, after which I will stain this wall.

Renovating the garden house

CTRL+X and CTRL+V ;-)
Wood of the outer wall with covered with a large tarpaulin so that the wood can dry properly. If necessary, smear rotten parts with tar to stop the rot. Then fit and measure the plates, so that they can be placed on the wall in their entirety as much as possible. Where necessary, the plank was sawn to size. The plates were secured with Torx screws and sunk into the wood as much as possible. Then filled all sides with brown sealant for a completely waterproof effect. Now the wall is ready to be stained.

The dimensions of the project

wide 5.5 x high 2.5 meters

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