Custom white kitchen shelves for the wall, by Najoua

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Very easy

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Have your wall plaques for the kitchen cut to size! Najoua had us do the sawing work, so she quickly and easily had extra space in the kitchen to store her kitchen appliances, super effective! Najoua went for a sturdy, thick plank of pine wood panel. A strong wooden panel that is easy to assemble. This way she quickly and practically filled the empty space in her kitchen. That's really useful!

Description of Najoua

In the kitchen I had an empty space that I wanted to do something about. I had some equipment that took up some space. Now I have been able to make good use of that empty space and my kitchen worktop now looks neat.

Work description: how did you realize your project

This was an easy job to do yourself . I first gently sanded the three pine wood panels. After sanding, I stained the three carpentry panels and sanded them again. Finally, I varnished the panels with a layer of white high gloss. For optimal coverage, I sanded the panels again and applied the final coat of paint. After a drying period of 8 hours, I installed our beautiful white panels

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

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