Floating wall shelf, by Sandra

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2 minutes

Photo credits: Sandra | Accessorize your Home

A wall shelf that appears to float on the wall; how cool is that? Sandra made this wall shelf with a subtle cube on it from Spruce carpentry panel. She treated the plank with a stain to give the wood a warm appearance. She wrote a DIY blog on her website Accessorize your Home and shares her experience with . Moreover, she took beautiful photos of the still lifes she created on the wall shelf. Be inspired and get started on a job yourself!

Description by Sandra

I don't mind painting and wallpapering, electricity is already a step further and sawing I think without the right equipment it's quite a thing. One wrong saw and the plank in question is ruined and that is a shame. Very useful is the service of where you can indeed have your material delivered to size (rectangle, triangle and even circles) sawn, including the desired finishes such as miter, rounding or bevelling.

Wall shelf design and material choice

Sandra chose Carpentry panel that is made of spruce wood, but there are other types of materials that are suitable. Timber panel has a natural appearance due to the color and wood grains that are visible in this material. Do you like sleek and modern? Then you could make the floating wall shelf from MDF Lakdrager. A lacquer-bearing foil has been pressed onto this fiberboard, so you do not have to prime the material, but you can immediately paint it in the desired color.

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Order wall shelf

Do you want to be just like Sandra? such a cool wall shelf in your home? We have prepared the shopping cart, so you can order the material with just a few clicks of a button. For a good example of the method, we refer you to the blog post from Sandra. You can still change the size or material in the shopping cart. Make sure that you are sure that the dimensions are correct for your job to be successful. You will receive the material as a construction kit (without manual) at home in no time. If you pick up the material at our sawmill in Veenendaal, you will save shipping costs.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Sandra's saw list and complete your order easily.

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