Speaker conversion of MDF Black V313, by Maurice

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2 minutes


A change from my current speaker to another smaller design.

A completely different concept and appearance, while retaining the current drivers.

Custom speaker conversion

As shown in the 1st photo, this was quite a design.
And I wanted to switch from a white to a black speaker.

So came out after a test setup (photo 2) to a detail drawing.

After some deliberation, I wanted to give it a try in made.
detail drawing made, dimensions came up.
So I switched to ordering, this was very clear and easy.

I was also surprised how quickly I could collect the wood.
So there were 3 boxes, and neatly packaged.
The codes I had made and those were also easy. had stuck them on it.

Then the dustiest work began, milling all the holes.
Pffff what a dust,
My advice, a good dust extraction and face mask.
br />When milling, I immediately noticed that it has a nice density, a completely different quality than from the hardware store.
Most of it is glued, but there are screws here and there that you don't see.
Here too, I noticed that the material does not crumble as much as the MDF from the hardware store.

Is it ultimately more expensive than a sheet at the hardware store, YES.
But this accuracy of how it is sawn word and the better quality material make it all worth it

The dimensions of the conversion

110.0 cm high, 25.0 cm wide and 40.0 cm deep


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How next?

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