Subwoofer wall build from MDF blank, by Andy

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I made a wall build from your custom-sawn wood, which was also perfectly tailored!
I built the box with your 22 mm MDF.

Custom wall build

I first measured in advance how much space I had in the car. I then calculated what the measurements should be to arrive at certain liters, after which I built the box with your wood, made a base with wood I had left and also around the box. I also reinforced everything on the inside with beams, so the box is super strong! Partly thanks to your 22mm MDF.

I also had a sticker printed at work and stuck it on the front plate, as you can see, this looks very cool!

Now I'll wait until corona is over so I can go to the shops and see if I can find something made of long-haired carpet that I can stick around the coffin.

Here I have 2 x 15 inches subwoofers were used with a maximum power of 5000 watts.

The dimensions of the project


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